Mitch Denny

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Mitch Denny is a Senior Program Manager focusing on Code Sharing scenarios on the VSTS team at Microsoft where he works with engineering teams inside and outside Microsoft to build and ship code faster. Today many teams building web applications are building on to of the React framework. As teams adopt react they often want to share and reuse components between teams and projects, even going as far as creating entire design systems and languages to ensure consistency across their apps. In this session we will look at how you can setup a repeatable process for building and sharing React components within your organization and even setup a build and release pipeline to share them with the rest of the world.

My Sessions

Ignite/Lightning talk – Getting VSTS to “Production”

Description: In five minutes I’ll walk-through the pipeline that our team uses to ship VSTS to production starting with the basic practices that everyone should follow to some of the things that we need to do due to our scale.


Building a Private React Component Gallery

Main hall

Many teams building web applications today are building on top of the React framework. Microsoft is no exception. We ship the open-source Office Fabric UI toolkit that is based on React and teams like VSTS build upon that framework to build their cloud-based DevOps tooling. As teams adopt React they often want to share and […]