Doug Sillars

Developer Advocate/Mobile Performance Specialist

How to deliver beautiful images and video content? Find out the latest tips and techniques from Doug Sillars. He is widely known as an expert in mobile application architecture. Doug has worked with thousands of developers around the world, helping them improve the speed, battery life and customer satisfaction of their applications (both native and web). He has spoken at conferences around the world on mobile performance. Doug is currently freelancing, and traveling with his family of 6 (plus the dog!) as a digital nomad in Europe. Can’t wait to welcome them all to Riga!

My Sessions

Delivering Fast and Beautiful Images and Video

Main hall

The average website page weight is 50% images and 25% video. As the images and videos delivered to mobile devices get larger and larger, the load time of websites gets slower and slower. Further complicating matters, there are thousands of screens and devices with varying resolutions and CPU power that receive this content. In this […]