Jānis Miezītis

Developer, Diatom Enterprises

Janis Miezitis is a full stack developer at Diatom Enterprises, a Riga based consultancy that works with clients across the globe. He enjoys working with functional languages, both on the front-end and on the back-end. In his talk Janis will explain how you can get rid of runtime errors with Elm: “How would it feel to be 100% confident that your app won’t have any runtime errors? While this is not imaginable with modern JS stack, it is entirely possible with Elm. I will introduce you to the world of functional programming with concepts like static typing, Maybe and Elm architecture that will assist you in writing clean and solid apps.

My Sessions

Getting rid of runtime errors with Elm

Main hall

Writing maintainable and error-free code with JavaScript is time-consuming and hard. Even with an extensive test suite, you can never be sure that you won’t see “undefined is not a function” popping up somewhere in your production environment. This is exactly the problem that Elm solves. In this talk, we will learn about Elm’s strict […]