Rūta Freimane

Front-end developer, Accenture Latvia

Rūta Freimane is a Front End developer from Accenture Latvia. On a daily basis she is working with React web applications and is passionate about following the best practices for both writing the code and testing it. 

“If we talk about code quality – unit tests are important part to ensure it. For testing JavaScript and specifically React.JS applications I would recommend a combination of Jest and Enzyme. These tools make unit testing such an easy and even enjoyable task.”


My Sessions

Ignite/Lightning talk – Jest & Enzyme – testing your React application

Main hall

Unit Tests are an important part of web development as it ensures code quality and can reduce amount of bugs. setting up unit test environment can be time consuming, even running tests or mocking out dependencies can take too much time in some cases. with Jest and Enzyme it’s very easy and fast. Jest is […]