Sam Bellen

Front-end developer, Madewithlove

Sam Bellen is front-end developer at madewithlove, a small app development company based in Belgium, but with employees all over the world. He is creating challenging user interfaces and making applications nice to work with. After office hours Sam likes to play around with different “exotic” browser APIs. He is one of the organizers of the Fronteers meetups in Belgium. Sam will be live on stage with his electric guitar: “My presentation will take you through the basics of the web-audio API. It will explain how to load and play sound files, how to create and compose sounds with the web-audio API. I will explain some of the audio nodes available and how to combine them to create some of the most used audio effects. As a cherry on top we’ll apply these effects on the sound of an electric guitar live on stage!”

My Sessions

Channel your inner rockstar with the web audio API.

Main hall

The days when you needed a bunch of expensive musical equipment are gone. We all have devices with a web browser which is capable of creating, composing and modulating sound. The web-audio API makes it easier than ever before to create music on the web. It hosts an array of easy to use audio nodes, […]