Top 5 Must – See in Riga

1. Alberta Street. Alberta Street is regarded as Riga’s Art Nouveau gem. It is full of splendid historical Art Nouveau-style buildings from one end to the other.
2. Latvian National Museum of Art. The new permanent display Latvian art. 19th – 20th Century covers two centuries of the evolution of art in Latvia.
3.Monument of Freedom. 42.7 m tall granite and copper work of art is a symbol of the Latvian nation’s striving for freedom and independence.
4. Church of St. Peter. St.Peter’s is the tallest of the Riga churches, a significant landmark, and a prime example of the 13th century Gothic style.
5. Town Hall Square. The Town Hall Square is surrounded by several interesting buildings – Riga City Council, the Blackheads House, The Latvian Occupation Museum and Riga Tourism Information Centre.

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